The Masculinity Detox


The Masculinity Detox


Identity - Positive Masculinity - January 24, 2023

Kind (of Heart and Mind)

The Detoxing Man is Kind (of Heart and Mind)

When I say he is kind of heart, I mean that he feels empathy toward others as he goes out into the world, leading with the heart on his sleeve, unafraid to use what he feels to take actions that benefit more than just his own interests. A kind hearted man also uses his words to build up those around him, allowing for words that describe feelings to flow openly rather than policing most of them away and only allowing anger to remain. 

When I say that a Detoxing Man is Kind of Mind, I mean that he is also kind to himself, avoiding shame and embracing mistakes as opportunities to learn how to build new habits and move toward better patterns of thinking. He does not use negative comparisons within his own mind or self-talk that eliminates possibilities or new ways of being. Kindness of Mind is about removing the fictional versions of your friends and co-workers that might insult you or don’t want to be around you. It is about thinking of others as the best versions of themselves and thinking of your own self that way too. 

While The Detoxing Man cannot always be Kind (of Heart and Mind), he strives for it, always looking for new ways to live this kindness within his actions, words, and thoughts. 


The Detoxing Man is Kind (of Heart and Mind) – 1 of 30 In this series, I’m trying to tackle the attributes (or adjectives, if you prefer) of the Detoxing Man, someone who is striving to eliminate toxic behavior within ourselves, our relationships and the wider world. How does Kindness show up in your own version of Masculinity?#positivemasculinity #masculinitydetox #masculinity #patriarchy #emotions #kindness #heartonmysleeve

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