The Masculinity Detox


The Masculinity Detox


Social Justice - July 3, 2023

15 Minutes in a Tea Shop

The great diversity of humanity is astounding. I feel so ridiculously lucky to observe it and take part in it.

I see tattoos that crisscross others bodies

I see canes and other modes of support.

I see sandals and hiking boots and tennis shoes and orthopedics, stylish, expensive and barely holding together.

I see long hair on men short hair on women, ponytails, double pig tails, and messy buns.

I see fanny packs worn around the shoulder. I see sunglasses worn on the forehead.

I see naked phones with scuff marks and phones encased in materials that will never break.

I see monotone and bright colors, those who are spirited enjoyers of pride month and those who cannot be bothered.

I see masked faces and collared shirts, relaxed fits and crystals dangling from necks.

I see cargo pants and tight shorts, wet hair and split ends.

I see sportswear and moccasins, frayed jean shorts and tie dye.

I see back hair and beards, glasses and bed head.

Whenever someone tells me that there is just one way to be, I recommend that they come to an independent coffee or tea shop and sit for 15 minutes.

The variety of people in this tiny space feels immense. And at the same time it feels like just a fraction of what is possible. We live in a world of infinities and to pretend otherwise is sacrilege.

Do not let anyone tell you that there is a right way to exist. You have to reject far too much of the world around you to allow for that thought. Fight against it and let the world around you be as wonderful and vibrant as it is.